Agility is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK, It is fast, furious and a great favourite here at Canine Capers.

We train all standards of dog and handler, from beginner through to advanced. 
Although we train all dogs to competition standard, if you just want to come along and have fun with your dog and meet other like minded people, that's fine - there's no pressure to compete.

 Before starting agility your dog will need to be up to a certain standard. They will need to be physically fit, and ideally will be motivated by either food or toys.  Dogs are motivated in different ways and by different things, we can help you to choose the most appropriate reward system for your dog. 

 With beginners to our group agility classes we recommend that you attend our Good Citizen classes first. These classes will help you build many of the foundation skills for agility.

 Everybody can take part in agility, any age / breed / type  or size.

Whether you aspire to compete at Crufts or just want to have some fun and exercise for you and your dog. These classes are suitable for everyone. We will introduce you and your dog safely to all the different pieces of equipment and then progress onto teaching you how to handle various sequences.

We strongly believe that your dog will learn best by having exercises set for them to succeed at, which gives them more confidence...which sets them up to succeed again and again!!

We ensure that in all of our classes dogs are challenged enough to use their brains, but are not given unrealistic goals which will de-motivate them in the long term.  This is the reason that dogs who train with us progress so quickly - even those with novice owners.

We are extremely lucky to have the use of an indoor riding school near South Brent for our training sessions,(a mile away from Avon Dam). Training can therefore take place all year round regardless of the weather. Sturdy footwear is recommended for handlers as the surface we run on is sand and rubber mix and warm clothing should be worn in the winter months.

Current group classes:

Monday evenings 7pm & 8pm  - Some experience - A follow on from beginners.

Tuesday mornings 10am - 11am - Some experience -This class is for dogs that are able to do all the equipment 

Tuesday evenings 6pm,7pm & 8pm - Competing 

Wednesday evenings 6pm,7pm & 8pm - Some experience - This class is for dogs that are able to do all the equipment 

 Thursday 8pm - Some experience -This class is for dogs that are able to do all the equipment 

We also have one to one lessons available. These are an ideal way of teaching your dog without any distractions or having to worry about what anyone else is doing.

 £15 half an hour for one dog
 £20 for half an hour for 2 handlers & dogs sharing.

One to Ones available:  Tuesday mornings. Other times / days can be arranged to suit. Please contact to discuss.

All 121s are payable on booking (please note if 121s are cancelled on the same day a fee of £8.50 will be charged.

All our group classes are in a block of 6 weeks. Unfortunately we are not able to offer weekly payment for any of our group classes,  you are paying for your space in that group for those 6 weeks.

cheque (payable to G. Davies) or electronic transfer. Acc number 15688860 sort code 54-10-39

please use your name / dogs name as reference.